A tablet, Lenovo E10 16Gbyte (or similar) Giveaway

Enter a travel world friend competition and win a tablet.

Here you have very good chances of winning a Lenovo E10 16Gbyte (or similar) tablet by participating in a nice find a travel friend competition.

This competition finish 1/3-2020 if at least 200 contributions are made. If 200 contributions NOT are made within this time frame, the competition ends when 200 contributions are done. One winner will be picked among all the contributions. Each person that uploads some travel pictures on the service optionally along with a text line counts as one contribution.

If a person informs another person about the competition, and this person also uploads some travel pictures optionally along with a text line, BOTH persons will get their contributions  counted.

The winner will be published on the travel frontpage 1/3-2020, or when at least 200 contributions are made, with their name and address. If they allow their email address to be published, also the email address will be published:


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