Free Royal Canin Nutrition Chatterbox with Ripple Street

Ripple Street has 500 Royal Canin Chatterboxes up for grabs! If selected you will be required to submit feedback about your experience.

If you’re selected and confirmed as a Chatterbox, you will receive two Chat Packs:

One Chat Pack will come directly from ROYAL CANIN® via FedEx and will contain:

  • 1 bag of ROYAL CANIN Breed Health Nutrition dry adult dog food (the variety you receive will be based on the breed of your dog) OR 1 bag of ROYAL CANIN Size Health Nutrition Adult dry dog food (based on your dog’s size)

The other Chat Pack will come from Ripple Street via UPS and will contain:

  • 1 ROYAL CANIN dog food bowl
  • 1 ROYAL CANIN tote bag


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